This technique, Microsclerotherapy, is a minimal procedure that tends to the appearance of Spider Veins. A substance or sclerosant is injected into Spider Veins which will cause swelling in the walls of the veins. This swelling will destroy the vein over time (generally a few weeks) and will leave the effected area looking fabulous.

Rarely is Microsclerotherapy used to treat the face and there is a minimal chance of scarring that can occur. The sclerosant used for treating Spider Veins in the legs is sodium tetradecyl sulphate.

What happens during the Microsclerotherapy treatment?

In Microsclerotherapy procedures, there is minimal to no discomfort. Depending upon the diameter of the vein to be injected, we have different strengths of solutions. Upon your consultation and exam with our office, we will decide which is best to use for your particular case.

Microsclerotherapy is usually around a half hour long, however the time frame does depend on how many veins are being treated at the time. Repeat sessions may be necessary in some cases, but this will be determined during your initial exam and through follow up examinations.

After your Microsclerotherapy treatment, you’ll be able to drive and function as you would daily. There is NO DOWN TIME.

Microsclerotherapy is not an option for everyone so come in for a consult and exam and we’ll determine if Microsclerotherapy is the right course of action for you.