Ambulatory Microphlebectomy

One method of removing Varicose Veins from the surface of the legs is through an Ambulatory Microphlebectomy. With this out-patient procedure, we use local anesthesia and perform the Ambulatory Microphlebectomy right in our office.

We’ll begin by making tiny punctures through the skin where the varicose vein is located and gradually remove the vein in small sections. There’s no need for stitches as the incisions are practically microscopic. And you’ll be able to walk right after the procedure. Within 24 hours you can return to normal activity too.

During an Ambulatory Microphlebectomy many veins can be removed, however additional visits may be required in order to remove all the Varicose Veins. Once a treatment is completed, your leg will be wrapped in a compression bandage which you’ll need to keep on for 24 hours.

To determine if an Ambulatory Microphlectomy is right for you, schedule your consultation and exam today. Just give us a call.