Aviation Medical Certification Examinations

Dr. Velis is a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) since 1995. He examines and medically certifies pilots at all levels (Airline Transport Pilots for all major airlines both domestic and international, Commercial & Private pilots, Student Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, and F.A.A. crew members) at the required intervals. Class I, II, and III Aviation Medical Examinations plus all mandatory laboratory testing (Electrocardiograms, Vision testing & Pseudo-Isochromatic Color Plates, Audiometry, Urinalysis, etc.) is done on site the same day as the examination. Qualified applicants are issued an Airman Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Certificate immediately following the examination.

Over the years Dr. Velis has given numerous lectures on “Aviation Safety” to Airline Transport Pilots, Air Ambulance crews, General Aviation Pilots, and was invited by Fox News to discuss “Fatigue and Aviation Safety.”

Dr. Velis is also a licensed pilot. He earned his Pilot Certificate in 1978 after being trained by “Aviation Professionals Inc.” at Chicago‚Äôs Midway International Airport.

Currently Dr. Velis is a member of “Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association” (A.O.P.A) and “Chicago Executive Airport Pilots Association.”

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